Saturday, March 31, 2012


i've been thinking a lot about skin lately. 

this is largely due to the trayvon martin case.
 i don't want to stir up a political rant, however, this tragedy hits close to home. 

so many of my close friends, and since marrying jeremy, family, have sons, nephews and grandchildren who look an awful lot like trayvon. who have experienced stares, clutching of purses or unfair accusations based on their skin color. 

i think of all the intelligent, caring, talented, young african american men i know, who have a destiny far beyond the few short years that trayvon lived on this earth. i can't imagine their lives being halted at such a young age.

i write this acknowledging that many youth lose their lives everyday due to unnecessary violence.
trayvon is certainly not the only one.

and, just saying i have friends or family members who have these experiences does not mean i fully understand how they feel. i am not questioned or given a second glance due to the shade of my skin.
i have been privileged my whole life. 

but i think it is vital to listen to stories from those who do deal with racism at varying levels throughout their lives.

i was deeply moved by this video of interviews with NBC employees sharing their sentiments and experiences dealing with issues of race. 

take a few minutes to watch this short clip. you won't be disappointed.

i don't know all the details of this case.

but i do know there is power in sharing one's story.



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  2. Thanks for sharing. I think it is definitely an issue. growing up in New Orleans, I heard a lot of people make racial remarks, so I know it's still an issue. I have no idea how to "fix" that issue though.... it's sad!

    1. yeah it's def. not a 'quick' fix, but just being aware and listening to people's stories is the first step, i think. real, genuine relationships is where reconciliation begins. at least this has been true for me. <3 thanks, as always, for reading and commenting. i love how the blog world connects people!!

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  4. love this, erica. this is SO good.

    1. thank you, sweet lady. i appreciate your support!!! have a great week <3

  5. Erica... I love you. Thank you for writing this. In a few, short, simple, but powerful and heartfelt words, you brought light to a situation and really breathed life into it. It's another look at the situation at large but with the LOVE that Christ would want us all to have. I'm SO glad you are MY Sis. ;-)


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