Monday, March 26, 2012

cha cha cha changes.

so this summer my husband and i are moving from...


to connecticut, for his job.

i am extremely sad to leave those that we love but excited for the new adventure that it will bring.
here is a list of things i am looking forward to :

trader joes. oh YES. 

h and m (yes, it may seem shallow, but i love this store :) haha...)

being close to the ocean!
Atlantic Ocean Sunrise

nyc (just under 2 hours away!)
New York City Skyline

gateway is the church that j will be working for!
we have met such sweet people there already... 
Gateway Christian Fellowship Weekly Podcast
our sweet friends, grant and amy and their two adorable sons live in connecticut.
we are excited to be close to them and watch their boys grow up!

we must be willing to let go

i'm not normally a huge fan of 'change'
but i am going to embrace the new journey that we will embark on...together.



  1. Cha Cha Cha change is WONDERFUL! So happy that you're embracing it! The "looking forward to it" is the worst part.. cuz it's full of "this is the last time we'll ever do this" and lots of "goodbyes."
    But remember, when it's God's plan for YOU to move on, it's also God's for you to leave those who will still be in MI. He has great new plans for THEM, too! So you're being an agent of change in their lives, too!
    (However, it's gunna be much harder for you to pop in for the weekend!)

    Love you both.... oh, is it Good Friday yet? xoxo

    1. SUCH great insight...(as always). it's so exciting to follow God, wherever He leads. you, of course, truly "get" that. i can't WAAAAAAIT to HUG you next week! eeek!!!! (p.s. what you wrote on jeremy's wall for his birthday was SO sweet. you and chilly will ALWAYS be my 'pastors') xoxo

  2. Hope you enjoy all the changes to come! Sounds wonderful. I would die to have a trader joes (even in my own country haha)

    1. awww! i know it! some people are like, what? it's just a grocery store...i'm like YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND

  3. Whoo hoo for obedience to God's call! Connecticut is gorgeous and you have such a good attitude about it.:) Praying for your season of goodbyes and hellos. P.S. When I was called to Maryland two of my joys were finding out that Trader Joe's and a Super Target are within 5 miles ha! ;) Hugs!

  4. yay for trader joes, h&m and a new vacation spot for me and the hubs ;)

    sad to see you guys leave, but i know you will do great things there! Lovin the positive attitude and you! <3

    1. awww *tear* thanks carisa. i'm SO glad we have all become friends. distance can't separate that :) xoxo

  5. I need you to send me chocolate covered almonds, please and THANKS.


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