Tuesday, March 20, 2012

glasses on a budget.

have you heard about zenni optical?
prescription glasses for as low as $6.95. (for LENSES and FRAMES). 
it's insane.
i know what you're thinking. 
this is a hoax.
they are probably fake.
i'll just get ripped off.

but it's for real.

i have ordered many pairs and love all of them!

these were my latest order (all $9.95): 

(kinda nervous about pink and white, but i thought it would be fun for spring)

(i love these black frames--nerdy but not obnoxious)

(i got these as prescription sunglasses. they kinda look like grandma frames, 
but i think as shades they will be cool. :) i'm hoping so...)

check out all their sweet styles here




  1. ha! we got almost the exact same order!! My sunglasses are a little different but I got the other two pair :)

  2. I Love zenni optical! I wish i would have known about them sooner! Would have saved so much money!


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