Saturday, March 10, 2012

links to love.

enjoy some links i'm loving these days...

Actions speak louder than words: Rumi 

SO many helpful tips for instagram. jackpot!

awesome recipes for healthy and delicious smoothies. here and here.

inspired by this post on feeling vulnerable. sometimes it just helps to write it down.

found a post about this sweet online magazine.

have you watched the kony video? loved mandy's post about this movement.

these wedges would go with so many outfits. 

can't wait for these glasses to come in the mail. (i broke my other ones...good thing they are 10 bucks!! :)

think i wanna try to make this fancy appetizer soon.  

this bathroom is sooo cute. i am totally stealing the spice rack and jar ideas. 

one of my favorite sayings....and so true.



  1. i got really excited thinking i may discover a new online mag and imagine my surprise and huge smile when i linked to myself! thank you so much! glad you enjoyed the mag.

    1. haha!! that's funny :) sorry to disappoint but i'm grateful that you passed on the link !!
      have a great week, chrissy!


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