Wednesday, February 29, 2012

wonderful wednesday: pinteresting style.

yipee!! it's wednesday. 
time for my top five pins from this week:

yes, please!
no bake nutella cheesecake. YES please!!!
pinned here.

really organized 'catalog' of creative ideas!
lots of super cute ideas for the already adorable mason jar!
pinned here.

a really great post of twenty five handmade gifts under 5 bucks!!
25 Handmade Gifts Under $5.  they are all winners!
pinned here.

i love two things about this. the quote and ali edward's handwriting. 
BE You!
pinned here.

empty bottles as bracelet holders. genius. 
how genius is this!!
pinned here.

what was your favorite pin this week?


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

links to love!

just in case you use bloglovin: Follow my blog with Bloglovin

i look forward to reading danielle's occasional list of fun links to check out.
i read so many amazing blog posts and i would love to spread on the awesome-ness to you! 


love this great post about thrifting tips

three words: diy fancy butters.

love brooke's mama eats series. she even gives you a printable grocery list for three healthy and easy meal ideas! 

mandy is totally one of my *blog crushes.* and she wrote this great post about essential oils.

i believe this will be my next art project.

lindsay is my online skin care expert. (she's one in real life too :)
here are a few of her fave skin care products under 10 bucks!

i've always wanted to try 'beach spray' to create natural, tossled waves. i was so excited to find this {very inexpensive} diy

(i have this thing for birds now...)

do you have any great links to share you've read recently? i would love to check them out.  


Monday, February 27, 2012

haircare of a songbird on a budget!

if you missed my post on hair products that are worth the splurge, check it out here.

i completely understand, however, that often shelling out thirty bucks on a single hair product is not always reasonable. so i wanted to share with you some alternatives that won't break the bank. 

favorite hair products on a budget.
one. john frieda frizz ease glossing mist. i love to spritz this on after i finish styling for subtle shine. it doesn't leave a greasy feel and tames those pesky flyaways!

two.  organix moroccan oil intense moisturizing treatment. this is a mask you apply in the shower and leave on for 5 minutes then rinse. it makes my hair feel really soft and lasts forever.

three. loreal ever pure moisture shampoo and conditioner. this is my 'pseudo' pureology hydrate. it has a great rosemary mint scent and has the same basic effect as my beloved purple pureology bottes. it's sulfate free and great for color treated hair to lock in moisture.

four. organix moroccan oil. i use this every day on wet hair before blowdrying. it adds shine and locks in moisture. my hair tends to get dry from blowdrying/curling/straightening so it's a must have! 

five. john frieda frizz ease dream curls. i use this more in the summer time when i want to let my naturally curly hair take over. (the humidity is hard to fight). it's not a gel like most curl products. it's really light so you don't get the 'crunch' effect but is really effective at enhancing the curl.  

does anyone have a favorite 'drugstore' styling product for short hair to give it that piece-y, textured look? i haven't found one i love yet. i would LOVE suggestions! 


Saturday, February 25, 2012

the tribal trend.

normally i don't follow trends that change season to season and year to year.
BUT...this one, i have to admit, i love.
it's so artistic. the patterns and colors are fun and funky.
and i'm pretty sure i had some of these types of patterns in the 90' it's sort of a timeless trend, right. :)

without further ado, enjoy some of my favorite pieces from the tribal trend.

going tribal

tribal accessories
tribal prints
what's your opinion? are you hopping on the tribal bandwagon? 


Friday, February 24, 2012

spreading the SHINE.

i am beyond excited and honored to be a small part of announcing a new initiative of the shine project.
ashley is the founder of this wonderful cause (and blog).
you can read my post highlighting the shine project here.

random acts of kindness

here's a brief description of how the new "pass it forward" initiative will work: 

pass it forward was designed to get people to do little things, everyday, that makes an impact on the community around them. pass it forward is designed around a card:


 each card is given a unique ID number. lets say we're at McDonalds, and I decide to pay for the person behind me in the drive through. I'd give the cashier the card, and tell them to pass it along to the next car when the give them the food that has been paid for. 
i then go home and log into the website that was on the card, and find my unique ID number. i log into it, and add my information... my first name, city, and a description of what I did....

 From the very beginning, you will be able to track where your card goes, and how many people you affect just by doing one simple act of kindness.

spread the shine is the website where you will be able to read updates from all of the cards that are handed out. this is going to have national impact. how awesome!!

thank you, ashley, for inspiring each one of us to do what we can, with what we have, wherever we are.

to wrap it up, i wanted to share a small act of kindness that happened to me this week:
i went to the grocery store to return our cans and bottes (in michigan, we pay a deposit for cans and bottles that we purchase). after i returned all of them, i made my way into the store.

as i waited in line at the deli a man came up behind me and said,
"ma'am. were you just in the bottle return room?"
"yes," i said. (a little bit scared, by this stranger coming up behind me).
"here you go," he said and handed me the bottle slip i had left in the machine.
"thank you!!!" i said, "wow, thank you so much!"

this complete stranger had noticed that i left my $1.80 deposit slip
 and bothered to take the time to walk through the store trying to find me just to return it.

completely made my day.

i should be receiving my pass it on card in the mail this week!
can't wait to share how i spread the SHINE. :)


high five for FRIDAY.

well, you know what day it is!
time to re-cap some highlights from the past week.
you should link up too! it's a great way to share things you are grateful for!


had a girls night this weekend.
it involved spinach and artichoke dip, rice krispie treats, and face masks.
 relaxing and refreshing. <3 

my earrings came from In Pink that i won from selective potential. love them!


my sweet (and incredibly good looking) hubby was out of town last weekend.
 SO weird being here without him.
glad to have him back this week! (our bed is way too big for one person :)

one word: polyvore.
so. much. fun.

here's one of my favorite creations from this week:

black + gold
visit me on polyvore here.

kinda nerdy, but i got the"feeddler rss" app on my iphone.
it's an easy to use app for catching up on all the blogs you follow.
anybody else read blog posts while waiting in line? or when you have a spare 10 minutes?
i recommend it! :)

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

hair care of a songbird: worth the splurge.

there are a gazillion hair products out there. here are a few of my favorite salon products that i feel are worth the splurge. this list is by no means exclusive. hehe... 
favorite salon hair products

one. pureology texture twist. i use this product on days when i wear my hair straight/smooth. it does a great job separating and adds shine without a super strong hold.

two. pureology hydrate shampoo and conditioner. this is worth the splurge. (and it certainly is a splurge at $27.00 a bottle). first of all, it smells minty, which is my fave. secondly, it does wonders for color treated hair and locks in moisture. i can really tell a difference when i'm not using both of these. 

three. redken rough paste. i use this product when i want my a more funky and textured look. it has a very strong hold and works great as a root lifter as well. a little bit goes a looong way so it will last quite a while.

four. bumble and bumble sumo tech. this stuff is amazing for curls, texture, separation, and it smells soo good.

five. redken wool shake. i saved the best for last. this is my all time favorite styling product. i cannot say enough about it. wool shake is a great descriptive name too. it's hard to explain without trying it. (so just go buy won't be disappointed). you can use it wet. or dry. it's a root lifter, texturizer and so much more. it gives your hair that 'grit' that makes it easier to style. have i convinced you yet? works for all hair lengths too.

i love how aveda products smell. would love to try some of those too! (i've used their brilliant universal styling creme a few times and loved it.)

what are your favorite salon hair products that are worth the splurge?


p.s. post of my favorite hair products on a budget coming soon...  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

top five pinterest finds 7.0

enjoy my top five picks for this week from the wonderful world of pinterest!

would you believe that's a baking sheet? SUCH a great idea. 
pinned here.

this has been a really popular 'pin' this week. understandably so. how cool are these
pinned here.

really pretty eyeshadow tutorial accompanied by super relaxing music.
(she does a great job explaining her techniques)
pinned here.

i love the flipped up bangs. will be trying this soon.
love the bangs flipped back!
pinned here.

this may be a little extreme. but i am loving nude eyes and bright lips. 
pink lipstick
pinned here.

the weekend is oh-so-close. happy wednesday, everyone!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

thrifty tuesday: steals from this weekend.


i know i wrote a post about color. but during my thrifting adventures this weekend, i just couldn't help myself with the incredible neutrals i found... 

here's a snapshot of some of my favorite finds:

cotton grey mini skirt (normally 3.99--got it for 1/2 off :) 

pattern on a great scarf 

two comfy head wraps

oh, you know, scored an amazing faux leather jacket for $9.99 !!

asymmetrical zipper. (love!) 

love the ruffles along the neckline on this grey dress 

did you score any great deals this weekend?


Monday, February 20, 2012

hello, color!

i wear black almost every day (often with a gray accent).
 i like how color looks but i am a creature of habit and love me some neutrals! 

i recently discovered polyvore and have had so much fun mix and matching items (most of which i could never afford).

enjoy three colors that i hope to embrace this spring (or maybe sooner) to spice up my very black and white wardrobe. 

classy coral

turquoise love
i can at least start by adding a splash of color to my black or grey...right? that's a start. ;)

what are your favorite COLORS to wear? 


Saturday, February 18, 2012

pass it on.

this week i went to buffalo wild wings to pick up the lunch for our entire staff at work. 
as they were ringing up the order (of 150 wings), the manager comes over to me and says, 

"did they tell you the good news?"

"no." i said, smiling {thinking, oh cool, we are getting extra sauce or something}.
"it's on us today," he said.

"what?!" {total shock.}
"yep. we've got the bill today. we like to pick a business to sponsor every so often for their lunch. and today, it's you!"

talk about a MAJOR, unexpected blessing.
i almost started crying. 
 kindness really does change everything.
it can turn a whole day around. 

it made me want to pass it on.

when you are surprised by kindness
you can't help but want to keep it going. 

so here's my challenge to you for this weekend. 
seek out ways to brighten someone's day. 
compliment a stranger.
pay for someone's drink at starbucks. 
help someone who clearly needs an extra hand. 
send someone a hand written note.

thank you, buffalo wild wings manager for making my day. 

i'm looking for ways to pass it on...


{all images are from the insanely talented kelly rae roberts. LOVE her.}

Friday, February 17, 2012

high five! it's friday!

hallelujah. friday, SO glad you're here! 


here's my top five for the week:

my parents are coming to visit! 

we have big plans that include:
 dinner at sanchez (this amazing tapas restaurant) 
a visit to an art exhibit
and THRIFTING! yay!

my new shellac manicure with a purple accent nail. SO fun. 
{that makes my ring look huge..hehe}

staying somewhat consistent with my workouts.

the elliptical is not the enemy. the elliptical is my friend. 
it always feels good when you're done.
danielle and alaythea inspire me to keep going.
(danielle goes to work out at 5 AM!!)

remembering how much listening to iron and wine
puts me into the most wonderful, relaxed mood.

this was a photo from j's live recording in november of last year. 

we got one of the 'final' mixes back this week. and it sounds PHENOMENAL. i am beyond excited for it to be completed and duplicated to share it with the world!! :)

thanks to each and every one of you for taking the time to read
style of a songbird.
i don't take any of my followers or readers for granted.

have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

liebster award.

i was SO honored to be chosen by brooke to receive the liebster blog award. 

{her blog is great...check it out!}

first, because she is an amazing woman and i love reading her blog 
(it's kinda like being chosen by a celebrity...) haha
AND i found some other great blogs through her other picks. the spirit of liebster {meaning: dearest, beloved, or favorite}, i am excited to highlight some of my favorite blogs with 200 followers or less and spread the blog love.

blair is my real-life friend. and she's a real-life model. 
check out her blog full of gorgeous outfits and awesome nail art! 

4. bunnies and pearls.
carisa is my blogging partner in crime. we spend many hours writing posts together.
she shares some GREAT recipes and crafts. and she really does have a bunny too! :) 

i remember when i stumbled upon jessica's blog. i paged through all of her fashion posts to see her creative outfits. my favorite post is what products she uses to style her stunning short hair three different ways. 
(all my short haired ladies--check it OUT). 

2.nomadic songbird 

this is my sweet friend, courtney. she has her own etsy, and her blog is full of fashion, 
art and creative ideas. She even made her own bronzer

not only does ppp have awesomely retro clothes for a great cause, 
but a great blog with posts written from the heart. 

i am all about sharing the LOVE. 
leave a comment and share some of your favorite blogs to read!