Saturday, June 30, 2012

links to love.


realistically there are so many links i could share with you that i have found to be inspiring, helpful, encouraging or just plain awesome. but here are a few that i am totally loving as of lately...

this wedge salad with homemade dressing looks so delicious.

can't wait to use this household item for some amazing texture with paints.

this is the makeup look i have been wearing all summer.

this sounds so refreshing.

this post was really relevant to the season of life i'm in!

now this is a DIY i could really see myself following through on.

mmm...homemade guacamole. easy recipe!

this is fun to spice up any outfit.

such a cute post on a blog i newly subscribed to. guys ---> read this & learn how to pamper your lady.

neon DIY project. so simple & so fun.


Friday, June 29, 2012

high five for friday.

hey everyone! hope you had a great week. mine was filled with getting settled in our new home. i am so lucky to have a husband who cares about decorating and arranging. he could be on HGTV. seriously.

here are five bright moments from my week: 

getting my jewelry organized and displayed was a must. {priorities, right?} 
here are my earrings and necklaces: 
{still getting my rings and bracelets organized}

you can find the DIY directions for the earring organizer here.

living five minutes from IKEA is a blessing.

i took a break from the oil cleanse method for a few months, but i started it again and my skin is thanking me! you can read about the OCM here.

we enjoyed a wonderful dinner overlooking the water this week. the salmon was amazing!

i am enjoying the unlimited possibilities that this part of our lives holds.
i'm now an east coast girl!

i link up with lauren every friday. you should too! :)


Thursday, June 28, 2012

what do boyfriends and jeans have in common?

they are both a part of the pair of pants i've been searching for.

boyfriend jean

if you are new to the whole "boyfriend jean" trend, you'll catch on quickly.
they are NOT, i repeat NOT skinny jeans, they are not flares, or bellbottoms.
they are simply put, straight{ish}, loose fitting, sometimes distressed, usually cropped {or rolled up} amazing, versatile jeans.
i've been on the hunt for the perfect fitting + priced {for my budget} boyfriend jeans. still haven't found "the one," but i have been dreaming of ways to wear them once they are mine! 

this is the first post of a three part series on how to style boyfriend jeans.


andrea was my inspiration for this look. isn't she beautiful?

i was struck by how "put together" she made the boyfriend jeans look.
plus she is just plain gorgeous...she makes anything {including pregnancy} look like a million bucks.
her style blog is one of my faves.

here are some of my essentials for wearing boyfriend jeans with a polished look:

boyfriend 1

stay tuned for two more ways to rock boyfriend jeans!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

how pinteresting!

happy pinteresting wednesday!
here are some of the fabulous pins i've discovered recently...

i would wear, no, ROCK these.
pinned here.

i've been trying hard to keep my heels silky soft this summer. what a smart idea
{moisturize and wear these to bed}
pinned here.

love how two shower curtains look. so classy.
Using two shower curtains instead on one completely changes the way the bathroom looks!
pinned here.

my friend is selling her print. isn't it gorgeous?!
lavish Art Print
pinned here.

healthy fruit flavored water ideas
pinned here.

pinned here.

Watermelon Lime Frosty--Mmmm!
pinned here.

i've been more aware of birds since i started this blog. love this necklace.
songbird necklace, extra long chain
pinned here.


Monday, June 25, 2012

patterned pants.

i was inspired by keira to check out jc penny's recent overhaul. i was pleasantly surprised! i tried on the most amazing retro themed patterned pants. they didn't look quite right on me, but i am on the hunt for some fun colorful, artistic printed pants! here are some i am loving on polyvore...

patterned pants

patterned pants by ericasimpson1 featuring fishnet pants

1 // i love how they look like watercolors!
2 // you could do so much with these. loved them paired with the neutral wedges!
3 // how could you not feel fabulous wearing these?
4 // fun floral!
5 // i like that these are a "boyfriend"/baggy style. 

patterned pants II

patterned pants II by ericasimpson1 featuring harem pants

6 // love the stripes and the funky shape of these.
7 // to bring out my inner hippie.
8 // not sure if these would look great on, but they are so unique.
9 //  lovin the blue and large waistband.
10 // i've been on the lookout for pants/leggings with two different patterns. l o v e!

have you jumped on the patterned pants bandwagon?  


Saturday, June 23, 2012

links to love.


the difference between looking like an artist and being one. yes!

healthy & delicious summer salads.

loved elise's video showing her creative process.

next time you make rice krispie treats, don't skip this secret ingredient!

this is so brilliant.

she took the words right out of my mouth.

a whole site devoted to thrifting.

this is just fun & funky.

she is so cute with an equally adorable blog.

i wanna do this! how fun!

my friend wrote the sweetest post about this new journey j + are embarking on.


Friday, June 22, 2012

high five for friday.


phew, it's friday. {anybody else feel that way?}  hope your week has been fabulous! i'm linking up with lauren to celebrate the past week! and what a whirlwind it has been! here's a glimpse into the last seven days in my world...

we drove 14 hours and moved to connecticut. no biggie.
i've learned that connecticut citizens are crazy drivers, extremely blunt and exceptionally friendly.

i enjoyed some sushi from trader joe's. yes. 

we started painting our new place. traded in the pink walls & fireplace with a fresh green + white.

the deck is my favorite.

the giveaway winner of "I Receive Your Love" is: RUTH!! (email me your mailing address:, and i will get the CD sent out asap!!) congrats!

wishing you all a beautiful weekend!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

how pinteresting!

as always, i'm linking up for "oh how pinteresting" wednesday. i have such amazing tips, recipes and art to share with you this week! enjoy!

diy bag. so cute!
DIY bag
pinned here.

spicy avocado chicken enchiladas
pinned here.

these rolls look amazing.
Pull apart buns
pinned here.

pinned here.

free printable
pinned here.

i've been on the hunt for some boyfriend jeans like these...
on the hunt for boyfriend jeans...
pinned here.

brilliant. "ice" balloons instead of melting, messy ice...
Freezing ice balloons for coolers at parties-very festive and much less drippy than ice
pinned here.

i need this! a corner dress rail to plan outfits for the week!! 
corner dress rail - excellent for planning outfits for the week.
pinned here.

happy pinning!


Monday, June 18, 2012

my manifesto: part I


as always, i am inspired by sweet kelly rae. she recently wrote a beautiful manifesto. i think this is a great way to document and define the fabric of our lives {no, not cotton...}. below is my declaration, my guidelines for an abundant life, my manifesto...

// i believe

we need to kneel down and get the perspective of a child {often} regain awe eyed wonder and abandoned joy.

it's always best to embrace "invictus"--to invite new vision into circumstances that usually suck.

comparison is the thief of joy.

// i believe

in pampering yourself. pedicures are not optional.

our abilities, talents and gifts are not about or just "for" us.

if something is tested and rejected, and still stands, it finds greater strength.

//i believe

there is unmatched power in sharing our stories.

every woman needs (at least) one pair of sparkly shoes.

we must never apologize for our enthusiasm.

// i believe

vulnerability has unlocking power.

bright lipstick can change your mood and the day.

we are never alone.

{my manifesto will be ever evolving, hence "part I."} 

if you write your own, let me know in the comments! 


Friday, June 15, 2012

the move.

saying goodbye to...
Michigan Love State Customizable Art Print

and hello to...

it's moving weekend. connecticut here we come! :)


Thursday, June 14, 2012

dual purpose.

don't you love something that can be used in more than one way? i love using household items for something other than their primary purpose. well, when my mom and i spotted this beach cover up at target, we immediately thought "you could put that over leggings as a tunic too!"

so without further ado...i present to you the dual purpose bathing suit cover up! 

{please don't mind my squinty eyes...i swore i had them wide open...}



beach cover up and/or tunic // kohls
leggings // thrifted
wedges // old navy
lipstick // maybelline fifth avenue fuchsia