Friday, March 9, 2012

high five for friday!

it was sixty degrees here this week! 
in michigan, this is BIG news.

nicer weather makes me want to clean out my closet. anyone else?
got rid of some more shirts hiding in my closet that clearly don't fit anymore. 
feels great to downsize (and make room for just a FEW more items, right? ;) 

i wore SHOES with NO socks this week! unreal.

trying to eat a bit healthier so i made two small changes this week. 
don't know if it really makes that much of a difference, but instead of reaching for the potato chips, i went for these veggie chips from aldi:
and i traded out my ben and jerry's for a midnight snack for yogurt instead.
hey, gotta start somewhere.

rediscovered mandy's blog: messy canvas, this week. i read her blog years ago.
i was thrilled to stumble across her beautiful and heart felt posts again. 

have a great weekend, everyone!




  1. Cute Merrels and yay for it being warm enough to not wear socks!
    What do you think of the vegetable chips? Are they as delicious as the unhealthy stuff?

    1. thanks, emily! the veggie chips, much to my surprise, were really good! they didn't even taste like cardboard :) woo hoo!

  2. hehe i wore shoes with no socks too! twice! I thought the same thing, can't wait till spring :) Next time try Falafel chips, sooooo good!!! They aren't at aldi though they are at the organic store by our house.


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