Thursday, March 15, 2012

thrifting find of the week.

friday afternoon is my prime thrifting time. this past friday was no exception. i looked through most of the clothing racks, and found a great pair of black leggings for 3 bucks, but i felt my heart pulling me to the shoe section...

so i followed. 

i tried on a few pairs of super high heels. 
(which always look super cute, but my feet start screaming after a few steps). 

but then, spotted these:

that's right.
gray, metallic, peep toe boots.


i struggled in the mirror for about ten minutes trying to decide if i should get them.
they were so funky. and sorta weird.

but then a goodwill employee came up and said, "you HAVE to get those! if they were in my size, i would have already snatched them up!"

so $6.99 later, they're mine.

did you find any funky or unique finds while thrifting this week?



  1. ha h told me to look for this post! those are very fun!! perfect for our current weather :)

    1. haha!! i love how henry is advising you on reading blogs. oh yeeeeah. lol

  2. When I saw the first picture of the boots I did not like them at all but then when you showed them on - Wow! They are soooo cute

    1. maggie-- TOTALLY had the same thoughts. they are super weird, but pretty cute on :)


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