Friday, March 30, 2012

high five for friday.

this friday i thought i would put a little spin on my usual top five post and share five of my favorite bands/artists i listen to while blogging. i have tons of favorite musical groups but these help the creative juices flow and provide great background 'ambiance' as i am typing away...

five // patty griffin.

she is my girl. seriously. i saw her live and cried through half of it.
if you haven't had the pleasure of listening to her heart felt melodies, do yourself a favor and check her music out. a few of my favorite tracks off the top of my head are: you are not alone, rain, when it don't come easy, and long ride home.  

four // jason morant. 
jason's music is unique: soothing, passionate and inspiring. he is a christian artist who transcends the traditional 'christian' genre. listening to his music puts me in the 'zone.' i love all aspects of his music: instrumental, vocal and the lyrics.  

three // kings of convenience. 
i kinda laughed when i found this album cover. i'm sure you are wondering what their music sounds like. 'quiet is the new loud' (the title of the album) totally summarizes their sound. they have some of the most relaxing and chill music i have ever found. they are my go to 'veg out' band. listen to their song 'gold in the air of summer.'
 i just bet you'll fall in love with them too!  

two // iron and wine.
talk about some wonderfully smooth music. do not listen to iron and wine if you are trying to get energized. but if you need to focus and get some serious blogging done, they are a great pick. some of their songs are 'whisper singing' i like to call it. incredible music to unwind to. 

one //sigur rós. 
they look like nice fellows, don't they?
this Icelandic band has created some moving musical masterpieces. if you are writing an 'epic' blog post, i suggest you pop in some sigur rós. their instrumentation is unreal. they have a very unique sound that is hard to describe without just having a listen. 

what's your favorite group/artist to listen to while cranking out your blog posts? i'd love to add more to my list.

wishing you a fun filled weekend!


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  1. I definitely need to start blogging to great music - usually the TV is on in the background as I attempt to "multitask." Must check these out!


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