Wednesday, February 22, 2012

top five pinterest finds 7.0

enjoy my top five picks for this week from the wonderful world of pinterest!

would you believe that's a baking sheet? SUCH a great idea. 
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this has been a really popular 'pin' this week. understandably so. how cool are these
pinned here.

really pretty eyeshadow tutorial accompanied by super relaxing music.
(she does a great job explaining her techniques)
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i love the flipped up bangs. will be trying this soon.
love the bangs flipped back!
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this may be a little extreme. but i am loving nude eyes and bright lips. 
pink lipstick
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the weekend is oh-so-close. happy wednesday, everyone!


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  1. we need another diy girls night, asap! I pinned those top two awhile ago and have been dying to try them!!


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