Friday, February 24, 2012

high five for FRIDAY.

well, you know what day it is!
time to re-cap some highlights from the past week.
you should link up too! it's a great way to share things you are grateful for!


had a girls night this weekend.
it involved spinach and artichoke dip, rice krispie treats, and face masks.
 relaxing and refreshing. <3 

my earrings came from In Pink that i won from selective potential. love them!


my sweet (and incredibly good looking) hubby was out of town last weekend.
 SO weird being here without him.
glad to have him back this week! (our bed is way too big for one person :)

one word: polyvore.
so. much. fun.

here's one of my favorite creations from this week:

black + gold
visit me on polyvore here.

kinda nerdy, but i got the"feeddler rss" app on my iphone.
it's an easy to use app for catching up on all the blogs you follow.
anybody else read blog posts while waiting in line? or when you have a spare 10 minutes?
i recommend it! :)

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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