Saturday, February 18, 2012

pass it on.

this week i went to buffalo wild wings to pick up the lunch for our entire staff at work. 
as they were ringing up the order (of 150 wings), the manager comes over to me and says, 

"did they tell you the good news?"

"no." i said, smiling {thinking, oh cool, we are getting extra sauce or something}.
"it's on us today," he said.

"what?!" {total shock.}
"yep. we've got the bill today. we like to pick a business to sponsor every so often for their lunch. and today, it's you!"

talk about a MAJOR, unexpected blessing.
i almost started crying. 
 kindness really does change everything.
it can turn a whole day around. 

it made me want to pass it on.

when you are surprised by kindness
you can't help but want to keep it going. 

so here's my challenge to you for this weekend. 
seek out ways to brighten someone's day. 
compliment a stranger.
pay for someone's drink at starbucks. 
help someone who clearly needs an extra hand. 
send someone a hand written note.

thank you, buffalo wild wings manager for making my day. 

i'm looking for ways to pass it on...


{all images are from the insanely talented kelly rae roberts. LOVE her.}

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