Monday, February 6, 2012

eyes. lips. face.

most of my friends know that i love elf brand make up.
so now, it's only fair that i share it with my friends in the blog world.

i was first introduced to elf (eyes lips face) cosmetics on the oprah show a few years ago.
and didn't expect to be that impressed...afterall, make up that costs a few bucks couldn't be that great, right?


i quickly learned that you don't have to pay a fortune to have great make up.

i know lots of people are loyal to their favorite 'brand,' but i urge you to just try out a few of elf's products. i use neutrogena fooundation and physican's formula concealer and powder, but the majority of my make up is elf! i also use all their brushes...concealer, blush, liquid foundation and eye shadow and liner brushes. they are AWESOME.

here's a list of a few my favorite products from e.l.f. cosmetics:

eye primer and line sealer. $3.00

i LOVE this stuff. i use the eye primer everyday. it really does help my eyeshadow and liner stay on all day! such a great deal. totally worth it.

check out this video about the eye primer and sealer:

studio endless eyes pro mini eyeshadow palette in warm. $5.00

i picked this sweet eye shadow palette up at target. it's so fun to do smoky eyes with different shades like burgundy and purple. SO many colors for SO little! :)

essential lipstick in gypsy. $1.00

i have quite a few lipstick colors but gypsy is one of my faves. it's a really pretty magenta color. you can see it on me here.

waterproof eyeliner pen in black. $1.00

this eyeliner is great for creating a thin cat eye line. it has mega staying power and comes out with an even color. no sharpening required!  

i am looking forward to trying the face primer and
picking up a kabuki brush for my mineral powder soon!

you can purchase their products here & in many stores.
just use their store locator to find one near you!

if you have any questions about elf, i would be happy to try and help!

{i was not compensated by elf in any way for this post,
just based off of my personal experience!}



  1. Yay for cheap makeup!! I use their tinted moisturizer, eye concealer/highlighter, and both the brown and black eye liner pens along with brushes and eyelash curler. My only splurge is sephora mascara. And I of course make my own bronzed that u use as blush most days :)


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