Thursday, February 2, 2012

messy, thrilling life.

where do you turn when you need some creative inspiration?

a certain book? blog? song? person?

one of my "go to" outlets is the artwork and transparent, heart stirring written words of a pretty amazing lady named sabrina ward harrison.


{doesn't this just make you wanna sit there and spend the afternoon?}

sabrina stirs something in my soul.

she challenges her readers to: "trust the mess" and "create what you most need to find."

i have a dream to one day sit with her. and create. and laugh. and twirl.

she encourages us to spill open, embrace the messy, thrilling life and to be brave on the rocks.
the true and the questions is an art journal she created with open spaces for you to fill in your own thoughts. SO cool!


{just google 'sabrina ward harrison' and you will immediately feel inspired.}

her list for making your life feel better:
(from spilling open)

1. let the tears roll where they will.
2. honey on anything.
3. a very soft, old hand saying "you'll be ok."
4. an invitation to a bathtub.
5. stretching, praying.
6. listening to children explain.
7. watching the branches let go.
8. gratitude, gratitude.
9. sharing your colors.

it just feels good to read her books.
 it's like sitting down with a friend who knows you without having to explain a thing.
 it's comforting, yet energizing.
 i recommend reading them with a warm blanket and hot drink
 (or under a tree with bare feet, depending on the season.)

purchase her books here.

staying inspired.



  1. just found you through "from under his feathers" art girl! wow...I am a new follower now :) i was also given the 'liebster award' cool!

    1. AHH! I just started following your blog too. yay for artistic bloggers :) LOVE your design. brooke is SUCH a sweetheart. just added your button too!!! WOO HOO! (love the little image you made for your sidebar displaying the liebster award...would you mind if i used that too? TOTALLY won't be upset if you would rather not).
      xoxo erica

  2. even just reading that little list made me smile. :) i'll have to check out her site and her stuff!

    1. ERIKA!!! how the heck are you? :) yes. you must check out her inspiring art. you'll love it. xoxo e


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