Thursday, February 23, 2012

hair care of a songbird: worth the splurge.

there are a gazillion hair products out there. here are a few of my favorite salon products that i feel are worth the splurge. this list is by no means exclusive. hehe... 
favorite salon hair products

one. pureology texture twist. i use this product on days when i wear my hair straight/smooth. it does a great job separating and adds shine without a super strong hold.

two. pureology hydrate shampoo and conditioner. this is worth the splurge. (and it certainly is a splurge at $27.00 a bottle). first of all, it smells minty, which is my fave. secondly, it does wonders for color treated hair and locks in moisture. i can really tell a difference when i'm not using both of these. 

three. redken rough paste. i use this product when i want my a more funky and textured look. it has a very strong hold and works great as a root lifter as well. a little bit goes a looong way so it will last quite a while.

four. bumble and bumble sumo tech. this stuff is amazing for curls, texture, separation, and it smells soo good.

five. redken wool shake. i saved the best for last. this is my all time favorite styling product. i cannot say enough about it. wool shake is a great descriptive name too. it's hard to explain without trying it. (so just go buy won't be disappointed). you can use it wet. or dry. it's a root lifter, texturizer and so much more. it gives your hair that 'grit' that makes it easier to style. have i convinced you yet? works for all hair lengths too.

i love how aveda products smell. would love to try some of those too! (i've used their brilliant universal styling creme a few times and loved it.)

what are your favorite salon hair products that are worth the splurge?


p.s. post of my favorite hair products on a budget coming soon...  


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