Thursday, February 9, 2012

thrifting from my couch.


to all my thriftaholic sisters out there. 

did you know you can shop at goodwill while lounging in your pajamas? 

it's called

from their website: offers a wide array of antiques and collectibles as well as new and nearly new items pulled from participating Goodwills' vast inventory of donated goods.

super cool, huh? 

it's sorta like the ebay of thrifting. don't quote me but i think the bidding starts at a few bucks, depending on the item. you can search hundreds of items from across the country, but also locally. 

check out some of the incredible items i found at a quick glance:

leather jacket, bid at $6.00

joe's jean capris, bid at $5.00

leather bag, bid at $6.00

there are THOUSANDS of items. in all categories: art, clothing, jewelry, for the home and so much more. 

part of the fun of thrifting for me is getting off my butt and out of the house.
 but i will totally check it out if i am ever looking for something specific or want to browse for stress relief.

thrifting of any kind is good for my health.

let me know if you check it out and score any great deals!



  1. I had no idea you could shop at Goodwill from home. Another tip I learned from you! :)
    Sending much love your way~
    Cindy :)

    1. isn't it fun!??? :) LOVE YOU! so excited for your upcoming trip (woo hoo!!) xoxo


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