Saturday, February 4, 2012


the other day i had a realization.

slowly, but surely, i am becoming like my mom.

growing up, as my sister and i were eating our cereal, my mom would spread this thick, brown, nasty looking substance on her toast or bagel. i said i will never eat that. gross...

now, nutella is one of my favorites.

i remember sitting in the back seat of her station wagon listening to the classical music station and NPR shows. [boring!!]
now on my rides home from work, you will hear violins and "nerdy" talk shows.  

my mom has always been huge into homeopathic medicine. she had natural remedies for so many of our ailments growing up, from headaches to bruises to anxiety...
(anybody else heard of rescue remedy?)

i now have a few of these homeopathic concoctions in my cabinet as well.

never quite understood why my mom enjoyed coffee so much. i couldn't even stand the smell growing up. (well, by now, i bet by now you can guess what i thoroughly enjoy...)

my mom is a work out rockstar. although i don't always feel like going to the gym, she has inspired me to keep my fitness routine somewhat consistent.

there are so many ways i have been impacted by my momma.

this list is a condensed version of the many ways i can see her influence on who i am becoming.

love you mom.

sincerely, your mini-me

any of you find yourself becoming more and more like your mom?


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  1. sometimes, but really i am becoming more and more like my dad ;)


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