Friday, February 10, 2012

high [5] for friday!

friday, we meet again.  and that means it's my haircut and manicure day. oh, yes! <3

here's [5] super sweet things about my week. 

have any of you searched in hopes for a hair stylist who gets you, who listens to you, and who you look forward to spending forty five minutes with every eight weeks to catch up?

well i am SO grateful to have found a hair stylist that is also my FRIEND. she is creative, passionate and gifted to transform tresses. plus she also has short hair, so she gets mine. can i get an amen? 
{isn't she adorable?}

i LOVE you, rach. xoxo 

my new "calm meditation" station on pandora.
if you want to seriously chill out, turn it on and up.

(i love child's pose.)

moroccan oil.
 i can really tell the difference this makes in sealing in moisture for my hair. 
especially in the winter! 

my bonlook glasses that i won from a great blog: what would a nerd wear
i sport these at least a few times a week. LOVE them. 

so grateful to be enjoying everyday with my sweet & strong hubby. 

happiest of fridays to you ALL. 


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  1. Aw her hair is AWESOME!And cute pic of your hubby! Happy Friday!


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