Monday, February 13, 2012

this is me.

this quote struck me. lots of people have written posts inspired by it.

but it's so profound. 

it's been proven true time and time again in my own life.

i think the first time i remember starting to compare myself to others was in my
beauty pageant, show choir & theater days.

{my eyes are closed but i had to post it cuz they made t-shirts...SO cute}

there was always someone who sang better, had a smaller waist or bigger boobs, or had an evening gown with more bling.

i certainly did not think i fit the 'mold' of a beauty queen.

but learned that i just had to be confident being me. quirky, short haired me.

i learned to love my short hair.
 but there have certainly been days when i still compare myself
 to the flowing locks of my female friends.

{my ever changing hairstyles}

another area in my life where comparison has come into play is being in a biracial marriage.


through marrying my sweet j, there are many settings where i am the 'lightest' person in the room. 

but i don't have to change who i am.

i am confident in who i was created to be. 

many of my close friends don't look like me. 


but it certainly won't get me anywhere trying to compare myself to them.
and alter who i am based on my surroundings.

i am not a chameleon...and that's freeing.

this is me.

i'm quirky. i sometimes say what's on my mind before thinking it through.

i will sing my guts out. no matter who is watching. 

i'm goofy and 'weird.'

...but i am free to be ME.

you were born an original, don't die a copy.


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  1. Love that! Original people are much more interesting that 'copies'.


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