Saturday, April 28, 2012

peace, my soul.


i've still been meditating on my one word that i chose for 2012.
this song came on my pandora the other day and brought peace to my heart. 
it's always been one of my favorite dave barnes songs. enjoy!  

They tell me there's songs reserved for angels
Would you sing me one, a stranger
Just to prove your love?

They tell me you've given poor men kingdoms
And handed guilty freedom
And taken on their stains

And your love will never change
Your love will never change

They tell me that you dwell with good and evil
In alleys and cathedrals
Shadows and the light

They tell me that you hold the world together
Not from guilt, but pleasure
And you somehow know my name

And your love will never change
Your love will never change

So tell me there's nothing that you can't do
And you'll love me though I've hurt you
And that you'll take my blame

And your love will never change
Your love will never change

peace comes from stability, security and safety. 

peace to your soul today...His love will never change.

you can listen to this beautiful song here: 



  1. I'm so loving this post. I somehow missed the idea of meditating on a word post by you, but I love that idea. I've been more or less doing that this year- but I so love the way of creatively expressing that like this.

    Thanks for this post- I really needed this this morning. I just blogged on how I'm struggling with finding creativity in the church. Even though your church is thousands of miles from mine, it's encouraging to know there are Christians out there who creatively love people and Christ at the same time. Thanks so much!

    1. thank you so much for sharing this. your post was beautifully written.

      it's never too late to pick a "word." here is the original post about ali edward's prompt for the one little word challenge:



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