Thursday, April 12, 2012

boho love.

one of my favorite styles is "bohemian" {aka hippie aka boho aka free spirited}. 
i love the laid back, fun, earthy look that 'boho' embodies. 

here are some of my boho blogger inspirations:

calming & thoughtful bekah

stunning & sweet jess:

creative & beautiful laura

kind & glowing mandy.

and here are some of my boho staples:

// head wraps 
summer boho

// long skirts

// fun patterns 

// feathers 

// fringe 
fringe bag + sheer skirt

do you love the free spirited boho look as much as i do? :)
how do you incorporate it into your wardrobe?


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  1. i've been buying up feather earrings like crazy!! (f21 has them SO CHEAP!) and long flowing skirts are so so comfy!


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