Monday, April 9, 2012


happy monday everyone! hope everyone had a wonderful easter. 
we celebrated with family, friends and two amazing feasts. 

sweet danielle shares these "currently" posts every once and a while and invited her readers to do the same. it's a fun way to document certain seasons in your life and look back over the months and years.


obsessing over: trying to keep our house clean for the showings we are going to start having. today i'm attacking under the bed. *dun dun dun* i'm sure many unexpected things will show up. :) 

working on: i work in the youth department at our church with the middle school students. right now i am planning the rest of the curriculum for the school year. i've had a blast with them and have so many fun memories.

late night bowling

saturday spent at the apple orchard

self esteem workshop with the girls

thinking about: making my grocery list. mondays are my "errand" days. if you follow me on twitter (eesimpson), you know that aldi is my go to for cheap and high quality groceries. (but i usually have to make a few stops).

anticipating: my husband's cd being finished. he recorded his first live, worship album this fall
and we are having a release concert on may 25! woo hoo!
here's a few pics from that night:

listening to: we've been listening to this fun latin station on pandora. puts you in a great mood!

eating: strawberry banana smoothies and this peach crunch cake that i made for easter. super yum.

wishing: these allergies would leave my hubby alone. we've both had particularly bad allergies this season.

feel free to write your own currently post! 


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  1. i must admit that since they have started running the commercial with david beckham asking for a strawberry "bah-nah-nah" smoothie i cannot stop craving after one. i even think about the smoothies in his wonderful accent. ;)


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