Tuesday, April 17, 2012

mid year goals.

so many people have 'new years resolutions' but honestly, i'm more inspired to instill "changes" in the springtime when things are fresh and budding.
as i have been dreaming of some changes i'd like to make, 
i was encouraged by this quote i stumbled upon:

be clear about your goal but be flexible about the process of achieving it. -brian tracy 

(don't beat yourself up when you miss a day, amen?) 

well, in that case, here are four mid-year goals i have decided upon:  

// be/stay active.

i write "be" and "stay" because these winter months i have lost some of my motivation to stay active and get my booty to the gym. i have so much more energy when i stick to it. and it's always worth it, 
but it's getting out of bed and as silly as it sounds, getting my work out gear on and together.

// cut out pop.
i recently fasted from pop (aka soda ;) for a week and really noticed a difference. plain and simple: i felt less gross. i am already a water-aholic, but have chosen healthier options for flavorful drinks. i would like to continue this habit. but not beat myself up if i have a very occasional D.C. (see below).

Diet Coke

//pick up art journaling.
i believe that life is art. there are so many words, images and sounds to inspire us everywhere we go.
i have been inspired by three wonderful women who create art journals to document and capture the moments of beauty and vulnerability in their lives. (mandy, sabrina and teresa). 
Art Journaling - Inspiration Wednesday
however, i want to start art journaling not to try and be like someone else. 
not to copy. or compare. or critique.
but to unlock the creative part of me that's been stifled and laid dormant. 

this is my new favorite blog for art inspiration!
i plan on using some of mandy and teresa's prompts found at:

//continue meal planning.
this may seem like a simple goal, but it saves me lots of panic and stress. it is my goal to have at least one week's worth of meals planned and groceries bought at the start of each new week. i could dare say that i would love to plan 2 weeks in advance, but let's not push it...
Chalkboard Meal Planning

have you been inspired to write any mid-year goals? i'd love to hear about them! <3



  1. yay menu planning! with that app it really is easy to do a month at a time... that's what we do! I love only going shopping once a month.

  2. I love this creative practice of yours, Erica! {and thank you so kindly for linking to The Art Journaler and to Right Brain Planner} ♥

  3. i can't wait to see the art that come out of you. <3 As Teresa said above, thanks for sharing links to our sites. (and side note, i loathe meal-planning).


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