Monday, April 30, 2012


have you ever won a giveaway on a blog??
i was thinking about the awesome items i have won from various giveaways over the years:  

although i was one of 300 that won this giveaway, i still got some sweet jewelry from this giveaway from selective potential.  

i won a pair of bonlook glasses from what would a nerd wear. (i started jumping up and down when i got her email!)
Picnik collage

i won a really pretty wrap from selective potential.

and then, this friday, i found out i won TWO MORE GIVEAWAYS!!
two in one day...WOW. 
(and to make it even more special, they were from two of my favorite blogs. lindsay and mandy are both such sweethearts!) 

here's what i have coming to me: 

think i'm gonna use this gift card i won from delighted momma to get a sweet iphone case.

i won a custom silhouette from the etsy store, out of alabaster, from she breathes deeply. since we don't have kids, i am going to get one of the "couple" silhouettes. isn't it so cute?

Custom Couple Silhouette Portrait
so there you have it. i encourage you to enter giveaways that you read about. it's worth it! i speak from experience.



  1. Replies
    1. RIGHT?! :) do you use that purse you won???

  2. I think I've only one 2 - a book & an iPad. But the iPad was pretty significant. ;) You really have a knack for winning!

    1. you won a ipad!!!!!!?? WOW!!! that's pretty awesome. ipads are great but they are even greater when they are FREE! :)

  3. i love giveaway wins! i always try to give an honest review on my blog but never feel like my words are doing the item or my excitement justice. does that make sense? ;)


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