Saturday, April 21, 2012

links to love.

 .need to hear this.

here are some links i've been loving lately. enjoy!

we went to our honeymoon in jamaica and one of the best parts was the jerk chicken. 
can't wait to try this recipe.

such a great post for prep before sporting a bright lipstick color. 

an awesome list of creative photo ideas to do with your iphone. 

i've always been curious about the clarisonic products. this review may have just pushed me over the fence to purchasing one. 

neon is all the rage. LOVE this DIY.

j is not a huge fan of brussel sprouts but these sound yummy!

my friend just told me about the evernote app for the iphone so i was excited to read this post about it too.

totally wanna jump on the green smoothie bandwagon. 



  1. Erica-
    I found your blog and i LOVE it! way to go you! just wanted to leave you a quick note :)
    -marina (hope college, russian, etc, etc.)

    1. awww!!! HEY GIRL! :) thank you so much for letting me know you enjoy it. it's been so much fun and a great creative outlet for me. how are YOU? where are you living now?? xoxo


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