Friday, April 27, 2012

high five for friday!

let the weekend begin!! woo hoo!
here's my top five from the week...


i started my art journal this week! (yeah, with one page a week, this could take a while...but i can't wait to dive in deeper this summer and start to get into the rhythm of making it a part of my routine.) it felt so good to break out the paint again.

i love this pic of j and me from this week. he looks SO good in a suit :) 

made these potatoes. ah-mazing.
definitely a dish to put in your arsenal.

SO proud of my little rockstar, z, for rockin her studded top and sleek blazer we thrifted together at goodwill! ! :) 

grateful for my health today. 
 grateful that i am not laying in a hospital bed. that i am not dependent on medication.
grateful i could walk, drive, work, and cook today.
even grateful that i don't have to deal with a cold, and i can breathe and swallow without pain.

have a wonderful weekend everyone!! 


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  1. You are blessed with wonderful things. Isn't it great to be grateful!


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