Friday, April 13, 2012

high five for friday!


i love linking up with other bloggers for high five for friday! :) 
celebrating great things that happen every week and what we are grateful for or looking forward to! 

here's my five from this week:

my love for coconut oil continues. i got multiple "your hair looks great" compliments and my hair felt soft and styled "easier" the day this week that i started not only using cocount oil as a facial moisturizer but on my hair (concentrated on ends) before blow drying. TRY IT! you won't be disappointed! :)
{see, i even had a good "bangs" day when i used it...hehe...}

we've had a few people walk through our house. holding out HOPE that it will sell quickly! 

one week closer to our vacation to NEW ORLEANS this spring! 

would totally love to win this great giveaway on mandy's blog.
i would get a silhouette of jeremy + me for our new place when we move. <3

excited to be hosting my second self esteem workshop this weekend!
it's called free to be me: empowering adolescent girls to live free in a pressure filled world.

happy weekend everyone!



  1. Good luck on the workshop this weekend! You will do great! :)

  2. love this! good luck at the workshop - that's awesome!

    as always, thanks for linking up : )


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