Wednesday, April 18, 2012

oh how pinteresting.

here are some of my favorite pins i've been drooling over the past few weeks. 

these shoes are so cool.
oh my gosh!
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delighted momma is one of my favorite blogs. she has such great skin care tips. 
this diy eye cream is no exception.
DIY Eye Cream- super easy and cost effective
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great beauty secrets and diy's from women all over the world.
beauty tips from women all around the world
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this is just so pretty.
this is so pretty
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taco soup. mmm...
Taco Soup
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put your phone/ipod in a glass to make music loud enough to fill the room. (gonna try that!)
Put your phone in a glass to make the music loud enough to fill the room..
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i think this DIY would be really cute for a nursery (some day).
such a cute idea. via jen jockisch & american crafts
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  1. that iphone/glass idea is such a great one! so simple. definitely giving that a try!

    and oh my those first shoes are amazing. great pins!

    Have a happy Wednesday! {I have a giveaway going on & would love for you to enter..}

  2. I've never heard that about the ipod - cool trick! Gotta get the taco soup recipe too, yum.


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