Tuesday, April 3, 2012

favorite iphone apps.

when i got my iphone (for valentine's day two years ago! so sweet, right?!),
i was completely overwhelmed. where in the world do you start with apps?
i just had the default ones on there for a while.
i've discovered most of my favorite apps through word of mouth.

so, in the spirit of sharing, here are some of my most used and beloved iphone apps:


instagram // this is by far my most used app! it's a photo taking, editing and sharing app. they have so many fun filters to apply to your photos. my favorite part of this app is that you 'follow' people and get a peek into the fun moments they capture everyday. you can follow me, i'm: eesimpson. check out this awesome list of instagram tips and shortcuts too.

picframe // i must admit that i haven't used this app nearly enough but it's so cool. it's an easy to use way to make collages out of your photos. i've seen people do really creative and cool photos with picframe. molly jenson (a really great musical artist) often does outfit posts like this: 
gas buddy // i always use this app before i stop to fill up. it shows you where the cheapest gas is around you (or you can search by area too). i have saved tons of $$ using gas buddy. who doesn't love to save at least a few bucks at the pump?  


menu planner // this app is insane. it helps you plan your meals, keep track of what you have in your pantry, make grocery lists, even has a place to enter prices of items so you can estimate the cost of your groceries as well. you enter recipes and it saves them in this super easy to navigate database. then to plan your meals, just plug in your favorite recipes and you're ready to go. highly recommend this one!

feeddler rss // this is my favorite way to read the blogs i follow on the go. it syncs with my google reader to keep track of the many wonderful blogs i read. (it even remembers the 'starred' posts i selected so i can refer back to my favorite reads.)

pandora // i'm sure most of you know about pandora (free online radio where you 'create' your own stations based on your favorite artists or genres). this app is a must have for music while you're working out, traveling, or just sitting at the office. it's synced with your online pandora account, so your favorite music is just a click away on your iphone!

p.s. pretty much goes without saying that the standard 
twitter & facebook are must have apps as well. 

would you pretty please leave me a comment and share some of your favorite iphone apps too? 



  1. Some of my favorite apps are:
    Netflix - if you have an account, you can watch Netflix on the app on your phone.

    Redbox - if you want to rent a movie for a dollar, check your closest Redbox location on the app & even reserve it. It's so much quicker to reserve it than go through the whole ordering process at the kiosk.

    Flashlight - pretty self-explanatory but I use this a lot.

    Shazam - if I hear a song on the radio & I wanna know what it is, shazam! This app tells you within 30 seconds.

    Yelp - I use this one ALL the time to find any type of business I need in the area I'm in at the time. So helpful!

    Evernote - great for note-taking, etc. & syncs with your computer. Can also share files with others, etc.

    Grocery IQ. Love this app. I use it for making my grocery list. It groups them all by category. You can also "clip" coupons & other things. It helps a lot.

    Wunderlist - my task list. Easy to do and syncs with my computer and iPad. Chris just signed up for Wunderkit which does a lot more so I'll be getting that soon as well.

    Thanks for your list!

  2. Oh WOW! My fav apps are... um... well i don't have a smart phone, or even a remotely intelligent one. hee hee. As a matter of fact it's just down right stupid!
    So, maybe when my current phone contract is over - in another year and a half- I'll be able to leave a smarter comment! :)
    Can't wait to see you!

  3. Fantastic list! I definitely agree with you about Pandora and the usual Facebook being some of my favorite iPhone apps as well! My favorite apps include: Chase, Scion Financial, Words Free, Draw Something, Pic Collage and my most favorite Dish Remote Access! I’m away on business a lot through my job at Dish, so I’d definitely say Dish Remote Access is my most favorite because of the entertainment factor. It allows me to view all of my favorite shows from back home on my phone, live or recorded; anywhere I am in the world. It’s definitely the best time-killer app, that’s for sure! :)


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