Friday, May 11, 2012

high five for friday.

friday snuck up on me this week! recovering from our horrible travel experience via united airlines took up the majority of monday for me, so i almost feel like i skipped a day! either way, i am thrilled for the busy day i have planned...including pedi+mani and dinner at bonefish grill with friends!

here are five highlights from my week:

this art journal page really inspired me & was imprinted in my mind this week.

when we were in connecticut last weekend, we got to swing by trader joes. i am so excited to be able to shop there soon! their frozen food section alone is incredible. plus they have so many interesting snacks, cheeses, veggies, everything.

remember this post about my winning streak with blog giveaways?
well...unbelievably, i won another giveaway this week!
and best of all, it was from one of my favorite blogs.
aren't the earrings pretty? i can't wait to wear them!

anybody else take advantage of frappuccino happy hour at starbucks? (3pm-5pm, 1/2 off frappuccinnos!)

i was so excited to see these black jessica simpson wedges at goodwill. so comfy. so cute. and my size. oh and did i mention they were $3.99?!

have a great weekend everyone!




  1. hello beauty! yes it WAS me that you saw in cleveland on sunday! i saw you walk by and i thought "ohmygosh!! I KNOW HER!" haha. i wanted to come say hi, but by the time i got done dealing with my cancelled flight into GR i didnt see you anywhere. also, that coral top you were wearing, completely lovely. now that we've pseudo met each other, we should get together for real! (:

    1. that is TOO funny! what a small world it it :)


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