Friday, May 18, 2012

high five for friday: art edition.

for this edition of high five for friday, i'm switching things up. i have been so inspired lately by artists i've discovered online. it is my pleasure to pass on the beauty they create:

flora's art is so stunning. the colors are vibrant. the images are peaceful, but wildly alive. plus she writes secret messages throughout her work, too.


alisa's sense of style accompanies her amazing art. her blog is full of glimpses inside her beautiful sketchbook. she also teaches online courses. check out her wonderful site.

donna downey.

this lady takes art journaling to the next level! i love her use of paint, texture and words. and my favorite part of her site is her videos where she shows her entire process to create an art journal page!   

Self portrait today
come alive
i choose hope
kelly rae has always been one of my favorite artists. i used her planners for two years and every time i opened it up, it was like a breath of fresh air. her art is so unique and inspiring!

sabrina ward harrison.

it is my dream to hang out with sabrina for a day. and paint. and talk. and laugh. i believe it will happen! you can read an entire post dedicated to sabrina here. her books and her art are precious to me.
her motto is: "make what you most need to find."


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