Tuesday, May 22, 2012



jeremy and i spent last week with friends in New Orleans on vacation. NOLA is a city unlike any other i've been to. the homes are so beautiful, music fills the air and people are extremely friendly and welcoming. and the seafood was amazing. i actually just realized that most of my pictures were of food...oops. :)
(you can see what left an impression on me...)

here are my random collection of thoughts after our trip:
+southern hospitality is for real.
+the humidity in NOLA is not a joke.
+the overstuffed shrimp po boy from mahoney's on magazine st. is a must.
+if you can, sit by a group of older ladies on the street car (NOT the "trolly"<---only if you're a tourist). they will share sweet stories with you.
+go thrifting at buffalo exchange. amazing merchandise and really helpful staff!
+gas is much cheaper in the south. ($3.29 vs $3.85!)
+cafe dumonde rocked my world. best coffee ever + melt in your mouth beignets. mmm...
+i love how there are frozen yogurt places everywhere.
+for the love of your feet, bring tennis shoes. don't try and be cute, you'll get welts/rashes/blisters on your feet.
+we walk too fast, (as told to us by a local).
+oh my goodness. the crab cakes at copeland's. all i can say is WOW! :)
+matthew mcconaughey likes to chill in New Orleans too! (walked right past him and his beautiful family!)
+if you ever need a condo to rent in New Orleans for vacation, i will hook you up with an amazing one.nola11



  1. That sounds like such a fun trip! I really need to make more of an effort to visit interesting places...or just places south of North Dakota!

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