Friday, May 4, 2012

high five for friday.

f r i d a y is here once again! :)


hope you had a wonderful week and have lots of fun things planned for this weekend!
here are five wonderful parts of my week: 

i'm continuing to be inspired to paint and create and write down secret messages and revelations that i read and hear everyday. i am so grateful to have the support of fellow art journalers online. checkout this free art journaling e book to answer many of your "what if" questions and encourage you to GO FOR IT!
Screen Shot 2012-04-27 at 4.53.31 PM

i've always loved headscarves, but my friend rachel showed me how to wear a silk scarf tied with a bow on top and now i'm mildly obsessed.

i made this crock pot chicken fajita recipe this week. y u m! it's delicious served with rice, tomato, avocado, cheese and sour cream!

lovin my new sandals from target. (and lovin that it's warm enough to wear them!) and they were just $9!

i have to share a wonderful moment that happened last friday. i get my nails done at pleasant nails (corner of 28th street and east beltline for any of you that live in GR. they are amazing!) i was getting my shellac redone on friday and a lady getting a pedicure was really stressed out. she was graduating that day and was running a little bit late. the nail tech asked her if she wanted a full pedicure and she said, "no, just a polish is tight." 

after she got her toes painted, she moved over to get her fingernails done. as i was finishing up, i heard the lady sitting next to her say, "it's on me today. i'm going to pay for you to get a full set. happy graduation." the woman started crying. i got teary eyed. everyone in the salon smiled and congratulated the woman. it was the most wonderful act of kindness. a total stranger reaching out and totally changed the lady's day.

random act of kindness

wishing you a beautiful weekend!



  1. number one choked me up! that is so so so so sweet. inspired.


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