Wednesday, May 16, 2012

that's so "erica."


that's so you.
you say that all the time. 
i could so see you in that. 

ever heard phrases like that?

well i was inspired by this post to share some of what makes me, "me."
this is a snippet into the wonderful world of erica:

i usually say what's on my mind. (don't have a lot of filters...)

i often wear entire outfits from goodwill. (and feel so great about it :) 

i loooove sleep. cat naps, sleeping in without an alarm, dozing off in the car, etc.

i enjoy list making.

i'm a choco-aholic.

i can't keep my clothes organized for anything.

i'm a kid magnet. 

i like to travel and go out but i am most certainly a homebody at heart.

i don't enjoy talking on the phone. 
(which is kind funny because my hubby has the phone glued to his ear all the time.)

i get physically "nervous" when spending large amounts of money.

i do not enjoy getting dirty. or camping.

i don't like and will not eat steak.

i buy earrings impulsively.


so now i'm curious, what makes you "you"?
feel free to share in a post (let me know if you do) or leave a comment with some unique characteristics about Y O U!


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