Thursday, May 31, 2012

most used wedding gifts.


wedding season is among us! every spring/summer, j and i sing/play at a ton of weddings. 
i love to listen to him play as the bride is coming down the aisle. (so romantic :)

with weddings on my mind, i thought i would do a poll and ask my friends what their most used wedding gifts have been. this will come in handy not just for brides to be, but also for those of us purchasing gifts!
 (i've used some of our wedding pics throughout this post...enjoy!)

here were the responses: 

overwhelmingly in 1st place: 
magic bullet/blender/food processor

kitchen scissors
toaster oven

cookie sheets
KitchenAid mixer

Betty Crocker cookbook
salad spinner

good knives 
crock pot

coffee pot & grinder

dinner plates

most surprising/awesome idea:
double camp chair

the funniest response:
double shower head. (it conserves water ;)

 i would love to hear from you! what are your most used wedding gifts?



  1. Wow, how funny that the blenders and food processors were so highly rated! I barely use mine- maybe once a year. I got a set of Caphalon cookware- a skillet and a stockpot- that I use daily, along with the knives in the knife block (nearly all of them except the paring knife- who needs that?).

  2. Cute! How sweet.. :) you must preserve your photo at .


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