Monday, July 9, 2012

to thine own nails be true!

according to my manifesto, pampering myself is a must. one of my absolute favorite ways to do this is getting my nails done. a pedicure can brighten any day! can i get an amen?! 

if you haven't had a shellac manicure, you are missing out! 
shellac is similar to a gel polish that sets under UV light.

two of the most amazing features of shellac vs. regular polish are...

no dry time {which means NO smudges!}
chip free polish that lasts weeks {and looks as shiny as the first day!}

you can see the progression of my nails in the photo above. by using shellac consistently, my nails have grown tremendously! i get compliments all the time and lots of people think my nails are fake! 

if you live in/near grand rapids, mi, you must check out pleasant nails (28th street and the east beltline). they are the sweetest people and do excellent work.

if you live near milford, ct, let me know your recommendations for a great nail salon that does shellac!

also, shellac doesn't come off with regular nail polish remover. you need to get pure acetone and soak them {or put some on a cotton ball and wrap them in aluminum foil and leave on for 15 min}. this will save you tons of frustration :) 

let me know if you have any questions.
happy shellac-ing!



  1. Do your nails actually get healthier with shellac??? How much does it cost?

    1. i wouldn't say they necessarily get "healthier." putting any polish on your nails isn't the BEST for them...BUT, mine got a lot stronger and less brittle when i used shellac consistently. they feel so solid with the shellac on. also, i think it's important to let your nails breathe, so i usually go a few months and then give them a few weeks off. :)

      as far as the price, my AMAZING place in Michigan that i frequent cost $22 for a shellac manicure. I'm sure other places are more expensive...but it is SO worth it.



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