Monday, July 16, 2012

links to love.


i hope you all enjoy these posts. these are probably the ones i personally go back to the most. i think "oh yeah, i linked back to that awesome DIY idea or recipe i was meaning to try." here's some more helpful hints & inspiration for you to enjoy:

don't know if i'll ever have a nose piercing again, but this makes me miss it. 

i've been really into vinaigrettes lately. this fresh and simple summer salad sounds wonderful.

i've been reading her blog forever. she describes her blogging process in this post. super interesting! 

coconut and chocolate...two of my favorite things

talk about a to-the-point, convicting, real-talk post.

gonna try some of her workouts soon.

a goal of mine.

i've been seeing totes like this all over. i think i'll try and DIY one if i can pick one up thrifting. 


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