Monday, July 16, 2012

i heart head scarves: part I

headscarf tips

i've been a headscarf / headwrap / headband fan for years. they are such a fun way to dress up my short hair and add a pop of pattern or color to a neutral outfit! i posted the above photo on instagram (eesimpson) and had someone ask how i get them to stay on without slipping. so, i thought i would share some of my headscarf tips with all of you. 

// slippery silk
a lot of the vintage scarves i've found thrifting are silk. when used as headscarves, they can slip and slide pretty easily. if you happen to find a scarf that's a little bit more of a "rough" texture, these are great to use as headwraps. i have one in particular that's paisley {the one in the photo above}, but it's not silk. it's one of my favorites and stays put all day. (silk still works of course, but be on the lookout for material that's less slippery).

//bobby pins to the rescue
this may be a no brainer to some of you, but if you need a little more reinforcement for your scarf, use a few bobby pins along the edges to ensure that it stays in place. did you know that you are supposed to put the ridged side down, toward your scalp with the flat side up? try it. seriously. {thanks to kate for this tip}.

// secret of the fold
how you fold your scarf is key to the particular look you want to achieve. i thought instead of trying to take pictures, i would just show you. i am so excited to share my first video with you all! below is a step by step tutorial on how to fold and wear your scarf two different ways. enjoy!

i've got more helpful headscarf tips to come! stay tuned for part II coming soon...



  1. Hi Erica! When I went to watch the video, it said that it as private

    1. thank you for letting me know! i think i have the problem fixed. there is so much to learn with all this technology :)

  2. Very Cute! Thanks! I think a video a week will do just great especially for those of us in Michigan who are really missing you!

  3. This is great!! I, too, love hearing your voice!! Miss you!

  4. Thanks! I love scarves but I hate when they slide off.
    A trick I've discovered is the American Apparel "Twist Scarves"... They stay on really well and are super cute and versatile! (:

  5. off to the thrifts i go to look for amazing scarves... ;)

  6. I'm a big fan of scarves too so thanks for the tips. That photo of you is so adorable!!

  7. THANK You so much..I have short hair and am just beginning to RUN (I can't believe I can actually call myself a runner now) anyway..I have short hair, much like yours actually, and I could not figure out how to wear a scarf in my hair and have it look good. Thank you for showing me. I am thinking I want to wear a scarf in my hair when I run because my hair gets so frizzy and ..odd..from the wind and sweat!!


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