Wednesday, July 4, 2012

oh how pinteresting // june {a little late} edition.

{happy independence day!}


i've decided to share my favorite pinterest finds once a month instead. here are my favorite pins for june and i will share more at the end of july! i have lots of original content and ideas, so i thought once a month would be a great balance to do a pinteresting post! :) enjoy!

frozen banana goodness.
Frozen Bananas. Greek Yogurt, Crushed almonds and cinnamon. Healthy treat!
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these colors are stunning.
the color!
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i'm dying to try this homemade bread in the crock pot! {kinda skeptical though}
Homemade bread in the crockpot -- saves from heating up kitchen and you don't have to let it rise!
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love this soft & casual look.
Soft grey
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y e s !
would love a print of this.
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some of these are extreme, but so much inspiration!
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kinsey's geometric wedges diy
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  1. The bread in the crock pot is tempting to try... Let me know if you do it & how it works out. :)

  2. i want to try the bread in the crockpot! it should work, it is set up the same as a bread maker except a bread maker also mixes it all for you! let me know if it works homemade bread is the best!


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