Monday, July 30, 2012

{more} thrifting tips!

my top ten thrifting tips has been one of my most popular posts to date. i've come up with a few more tips to pass along to all you bargain hunters. enjoy!

// check for damage.
unfortunately, when thrifting, you need to have a different mentality than retail shopping. i never assume that a piece of clothing is in perfect condition. make sure you check for holes, stains, zippers and/or seams coming apart. there's nothing worse than scoring a great deal just to get it home to find damage that you overlook. {talk about a kill-joy}

// keep a running list.
it's so helpful to keep a list of items you desire to add to your wardrobe. then, when thrifting, you can stay focused on what you really need. i just started using the wunderlist ap for the iphone. i have a list on that ap called "want to add to my wardrobe." no matter what store i'm in, i always have my handy list with me. here are a few pieces i'm hoping to find {hopefully thrifting}:

running list

// ask for specials, find out the deals & return policy.
lots of thrift stores have weekly specials but may not advertise them blatantly. it always helps to ask an associate. you don't want to be missing out if a particular tag color is on sale. and if you were thrifting on a particularly emotional day, be sure you can return your impulse purchase a few days later.

//if you are buying shoes, wear them around the store. 
can i get an amen? anyone else bought shoes and thought oh yeah, these are super comfortable, but then you wear them for more than 30 seconds at home and your feet start screaming?! i share this tip from experience. just stepping into a shoe is NOT the same as walking in them.

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  1. Yes yes and yes! I love and practice all of these!!! I recently went thrifting with some friends and gave them some of MY pointers but didn't realize I totally do all of these as well:)

    1. awww. you're the sweetest. someday we have to go thrifting TOGETHER. that would be magical. xoxo


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