Friday, July 20, 2012

high five for friday.

happiest of fridays to you! here's a look back at the past seven days of my life...

i spent a morning at the beach...a mile away from our house!

since we have three bedrooms in our new place, one of those gets to be my "art" space. i've spent some time getting the room set if i can only find my art journal hidden somewhere in a box! :( 

slowly but surely, i'm starting to work out again. i've been jogging through our neighborhood and have used this youtube video a few times. anyone else have any great free online fitness videos to share?

i'm enjoying the seventy degree days vs the ninety degree days. i love summer, but it's nice to have a break from the oppressive heat. 

if you ever come to Connecticut, you have to go enjoy a delicious meal at Chip's. i'm usually not a huge breakfast person, but this meal was incredible!
coconut + almond + chocolate chip pancakes and a california omelette! 

linking up with lauren for high five for friday. 
happy weekend everyone!


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  1. not a big breakfast person? I though yall love the barrel! haha happy weekend ;)


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