Wednesday, July 25, 2012

brave soul, i see you.

{that's mandy. stunning, right?} 

i consider her one of my mentors {like when she comments on one of your photos you get giddy kind of mentor}. she takes people under her wing and simultaneously whispers, "fly" daily. i've been reading her blog since 2005, and now through the wonderful connections of social media, i have the privilege of having her in my "circle." she left me this comment on instagram last week:

brave soul, i see you. 

brave isn't a word i would typically use to describe myself. 
i've always said "i'm not really adventurous or risky or tough." 
but those words were imprinted in my mind. they've been stuck on repeat. 

brave soul, i see you.

i began to consider all the huge life transitions that j & i have been through these past few {but feel like forever, in the best way} years. and thought...

i can do this.
we've been through the fire, and come out stronger, gaining wisdom, and strength. 

maybe i am brave, after all.

BRAVE SOUL SONG 9x6 original painting
{how perfect is this amazing painting? with a bird & all!}

i haven't written a post on my one word choice in a while. but mandy's declaration got me thinking... 

peace breeds bravery. {or possibly vice versa}

for example, have you ever been around people who are confident without needing the spotlight? who carry themselves with such grace and make people feel cozy and comfortable? {another mentor of mine netta is certainly one that comes to my mind.} people who earn respect and honor by who they are. who ooze peace. 

i have truly been fortunate to call women of this caliber my friends. they bring peace wherever they go. but not necessarily in a quiet or passive way.

sometimes peace gets a bad rap. see, peace is not wimpy. but strong. and brave. 
furthermore, peace does not equal inaction.

i've come to realize through the life transitions i've been thrust into this year that embracing my "one word" of peace brought more strength and {get going} courage than idle waiting or meditating. 

peace has certainly taken on a new meaning for me. so many times peace in our culture is viewed as two fingers in the air or the absence of turmoil or conflict. but peace is the strength that grounds us and holds us. peace surpasses finite human understanding or how a situation "appears."  

peace is active.

{this painting captures the active essence of peace to me.}

peace is just as much {{energy}} as it is the lack of some.

grateful for this realization that as i embrace peace, bravery is expanding.

so mandy, from my brave soul to yours, thank you for re-naming me.


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  1. Still reading and loving your blog! Just thought I would mention it! Hugs! :)


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