Monday, July 23, 2012

i heart head scarves part II.

headscarf tips

did you miss part I of the head scarf series? check it out here. i shared a video of a folding technique and two ways to wear a scarf as a head wrap. below are a few more of my head scarf tips that i've learned throughout my years of thrifting vintage scarves and repurposing them as head wraps. 

// size matters
sometimes, i get drawn to a scarf because of it's pattern or color, but it's important to notice the size as well. some scarves are just too big and bulky to wear as a headwrap. and some are too short. when you fall in love with a scarf, fold it and/or try it on first. of course, if you are buying it to wear as an actual scarf, this doesn't matter so much.


// enlist reinforcement
i always used to wrap a scarf around once, tie it in the back and have the ends flowing down on my neck. i found that they would slip back and off my head and i would be constantly retying them {especially with silk}.wrapping the scarf around twice gives a much better hold. when i use the method from my video (part I), i never have to worry about them slipping back or off. another way i ensure that they stay put is by tying them closer to my forehead, usually over the tops of my ears. (more like the picture in the bottom right than the bottom left in the collage above).

// the terrific turban
i think this style looks the best on my long haired friends, so i don't sport the turban too often. but this video is super helpful in showing you the step by step method to tying your scarf into a super trendy turban.

happy head scarf-ing!


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