Monday, June 11, 2012

trust the process.

i had the most wonderful evening with two amazing women, julie & kara, two of my "big sisters" in their own right. i have been challenging myself to look at life with an open mind and heart to receive what messages may be waiting for me.
here's a glimpse into an art studio that brought me fresh revelation...

i have amazing friends.

i was reminded that having a space to create is vital. 
when the inspiration comes, i'll be ready. 
i want to create a space and environment for creativity to flow. 

this is what my life feels like right now. clean slate. time to create something new.
daunting but endless possibilities await...

{trust the process.} 
julie said that she often does 25-50 layers on her paintings.
she explained that you can't get too worried about the first layer. even as it dries, it turns into something completely new. 
"i could just sit here for hours and watch the paint dry, it's so fascinating," she said. 

slow and steady beats stopped. {thanks, teresa}

there's always a process for a work of art to be complete. 
same with life. we don't just arrive. it takes editing, and waiting, and mixing, and layers. lots of layers.

each experience and brush stroke adds to the masterpiece. light and dark. intentional and accidental.

the art we create {and our lives} aren't just for or about us.
the impact we have on others starts with us fighting our fears and using the gifts we've been given.
a very wise woman said "we must create what we most need to find."

i have so many memories with kara. she is my thrifting partner in crime! :)

i ended the evening here.


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  1. I love the layering analogy. Thanks Erica!


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