Monday, June 25, 2012

patterned pants.

i was inspired by keira to check out jc penny's recent overhaul. i was pleasantly surprised! i tried on the most amazing retro themed patterned pants. they didn't look quite right on me, but i am on the hunt for some fun colorful, artistic printed pants! here are some i am loving on polyvore...

patterned pants

patterned pants by ericasimpson1 featuring fishnet pants

1 // i love how they look like watercolors!
2 // you could do so much with these. loved them paired with the neutral wedges!
3 // how could you not feel fabulous wearing these?
4 // fun floral!
5 // i like that these are a "boyfriend"/baggy style. 

patterned pants II

patterned pants II by ericasimpson1 featuring harem pants

6 // love the stripes and the funky shape of these.
7 // to bring out my inner hippie.
8 // not sure if these would look great on, but they are so unique.
9 //  lovin the blue and large waistband.
10 // i've been on the lookout for pants/leggings with two different patterns. l o v e!

have you jumped on the patterned pants bandwagon?  



  1. Those are cool! I can't wait to lose some weight and do some shopping (right now I have 2 pairs of pants that fit). I bet JCP's prices are great.

  2. Hey Erica! Love this post! I was soo tempted to buy a pair of pants like these recently at Forever21. I love #4! :D


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