Monday, January 9, 2012

DIY: Earring Organizer

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I am most certainly an accessory girl. Earrings are a weakness of mine (just ask J--he always says, how could you possibly need another pair of earrings?)

My friend in college inspired me to create an Earring Organizer to fashionably display my many pairs to aid me as I frantically try to match my jewelry to my outfits every morning.

I love this DIY: super simple and really cute! Don't know about you, but I used to (sometimes still do) just throw my earrings on my nightstand or in a drawer. This is a much better way to organize and display your hoops, studs or chandeliers.

Materials needed:
  • Staple gun/staples
  • Old frame (found this one at Salvation Army for $2)
  • Wire netting (can be found at Home Depot/Lowes)
  • Scissors
  • Paint & Brush (if you need to paint your frame)
Once you have the frame painted (or not if it's in great shape), you need to stretch out the wire netting (I don't know if that's the official name), similar to wrapping a present. So there's enough around the outside of the frame to wrap it around and staple the extra to the back of the frame. Cut the netting and lay the frame with the front on the ground on the netting.

It helps to have an extra set of hands to help with the stapling. One person holding it tight and one stapling. Feel free to staple the heck out of it!

It's that simple! Once you have stapled it all the way around, feel free to hang it up and display all your bling. As you can see in the picture above, it fit really conveniently in the corner of my bathroom between two doors.



  1. This is awesome! You need to post some more crafty inspiration for me!! And let's get dinner (or Schulers) soon por favor!

    xoxo, Blair/Ash

  2. Love this! You do have tons of earnings...I'm kind of jealous! -Carisa

  3. That looks awesome :) The wire netting is a great idea.
    Emilie @ Hungry Delights


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