Saturday, June 30, 2012

links to love.


realistically there are so many links i could share with you that i have found to be inspiring, helpful, encouraging or just plain awesome. but here are a few that i am totally loving as of lately...

this wedge salad with homemade dressing looks so delicious.

can't wait to use this household item for some amazing texture with paints.

this is the makeup look i have been wearing all summer.

this sounds so refreshing.

this post was really relevant to the season of life i'm in!

now this is a DIY i could really see myself following through on.

mmm...homemade guacamole. easy recipe!

this is fun to spice up any outfit.

such a cute post on a blog i newly subscribed to. guys ---> read this & learn how to pamper your lady.

neon DIY project. so simple & so fun.



  1. that make-up look... i am in love!

  2. my go to make up too! and i actually like the beautiful mess diy, never thought of that! those neon pots are so cute!


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