Thursday, June 28, 2012

what do boyfriends and jeans have in common?

they are both a part of the pair of pants i've been searching for.

boyfriend jean

if you are new to the whole "boyfriend jean" trend, you'll catch on quickly.
they are NOT, i repeat NOT skinny jeans, they are not flares, or bellbottoms.
they are simply put, straight{ish}, loose fitting, sometimes distressed, usually cropped {or rolled up} amazing, versatile jeans.
i've been on the hunt for the perfect fitting + priced {for my budget} boyfriend jeans. still haven't found "the one," but i have been dreaming of ways to wear them once they are mine! 

this is the first post of a three part series on how to style boyfriend jeans.


andrea was my inspiration for this look. isn't she beautiful?

i was struck by how "put together" she made the boyfriend jeans look.
plus she is just plain gorgeous...she makes anything {including pregnancy} look like a million bucks.
her style blog is one of my faves.

here are some of my essentials for wearing boyfriend jeans with a polished look:

boyfriend 1

stay tuned for two more ways to rock boyfriend jeans!



  1. check the gap. they have a current %50 off sale online and have a couple pairs, i think im gonna buy some ;)

  2. Cute!!! I'm a big fan of the boyfriend jean trend and would rock them in a heart beat. I have a pair of grandpa pants that fit sorta similarly (but have a waist 12" longer). So fun!


    1. yes! grandpa pants!! :) sometimes i just need a break from skinny jeans, ya know?! xxoo

  3. Boyfriend jeans are right up my alley! I love the roominess & the fact that they are meant to be rolled up (perfect for my shortness!)

    1. if there's one thing i know about you, it's that you can ROCK a pair of jeans! i love your outfit posts :)


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