Tuesday, January 10, 2012

top five pinterest finds

Does anyone else find great enjoyment from browsing through Pinterest for a few minutes which turns into 2 hours? Oh, just me?! :)

A wonderful blogger, Lauren, posts her top finds from pinterest each week. I look forward to reading her posts and quickly seeing the great ideas she found on the addicting and inspiring world of pinterest. So I have decided to borrow her idea and post my top 5 pinterest finds each week as well... (I have linked each of the items as well so you can find the original website or pin).

5. two words: lettuce wraps.

j and i went to our new p.f. changs last weekend. by far the best part of my meal was the chicken lettuce wraps we shared for an appetizer. looking forward to try and replicate them at home!

4. fun and functional headband organizer.

as i shared with my DIY earring holder, i am an accessory freak! i love sequins, rosettes, any fun accents to spice up an outfit. i plan on trying out this DIY! (having a blog is gonna motivate me to actually follow through on my many DIY pins :)

totally wanna try this. all you need is a jar, hot glue gun and paint!

2. genius bobby pin holder.

bobby pins seem to disappear. what a great organizing idea!

1. headwrap from etsy.

i ordered a headwrap from this etsy shop and i LOVE it. it's super comfy and cute at the same time. she has great colors to choose from. they ship very fast and she is a sweetheart (who happens to live in Australia!)

what were your favorite pins from this week? i would LOVE to check them out!

(if you read this post and are clueless to exactly what pinterest is. i would be happy to 'invite' you to join the wonderful world of 'pinning.' it is essentially a virtual pinboard to keep track of all the wonderful ideas you find online and share them with your friends! send me an email: erica.simpson1@gmail.com or leave a comment below with your email and I will get you hooked up! :)

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