Sunday, January 15, 2012

top five pinterest finds 2.0

enjoy week #2 of my top five favorite pinterest finds!

5. hibachi chicken and sauce.

has anyone ever eaten at Kobe? if not, it's so worth it. my favorite is the hibachi chicken and their DELICIOUS sauce that goes with it. to my delight, i found both of the recipes on pinterest! can't wait to try them very soon.

4. this awesome craft.

how cool does that look? want to try this soon! (she suggested on the original website doing a chevron pattern instead of the bird...hmm...could be kinda cool!)

3. homemade facial mask

2. this beautiful quote

all of that is true of me. the funniest part is that j and i have been talking about getting a when i saw that part in there, i laughed. :) 

1. i LOVE coconut oil

thanks to a post on Mandy's blog, i have started using coconut oil for a daily moisturizer. it may seem weird putting oil on your face at first, but it soaks in so well and leaves my skin feeling really smooth! can't wait to try out some more of the uses for this WONDERFUL product!  

have a GREAT week!  
 ♥ erica


  1. I didn't know coconut oil made a good moisturizer! where did you get some? Is it pricey?

    love your top 5 pinterest finds!


  2. Just when I think you can't get any cuter... you DO!
    Love you

  3. carisa- you can buy it anywhere really. but i got mine at harvest health...about 9 dollars for a REALLY nice sized jar. it smells amazing and of course, it's all natural!! you should try it. you can also use it on your hair to tame frizz! check out that link.

  4. NETTA!!!I LOVE YOU!!!!!! :) I linked to your blog on "blogs i love." i am always encouraged after reading your posts. xoxo


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